Why I Switched From Shopify To Build My Own Website.

When I first decided to take Flik Equestrian products online, I did quite a bit of research into different e-commerce and website platforms. It took a good month of doing free trials and partially setting up stores repeatedly before I made the decision to go with Shopify.

Initially, Shopify was great. Shopify is an easy out of the box solution that just about anyone could set up and start selling within a day. With a little bit of tweaking to one of their templates, I had a really nice looking simple store. Plus the novelty of the "Cha-Ching" notification on my phone every-time I sold something was pretty cool. But it wasn't long before Flik outgrew the standard out of the box solution offered by Shopify. Collecting feedback from my dedicated Flik customers was almost an obsession. I loved to hear what they thought because it allowed me to continually improve the experience they have with my products, services and online. When it came to action my ideas and improvements, Shopify just wasn't affordable. Every time I wanted to do something, it meant buying an app. I wanted to maintain my customer information better and be more in control of what is sent and when... more $$$!!! I wanted to change the way Shipping was calculated to give my customers a better deal... more $$$! I wanted to create a rewards program.... $$$! That's when I decided to build my own. Straight away, I saved a packet by paying for 2 years hosting upfront, which cost me the same that Shopify was charging me for 6 months! I now have full control over the design of every page without having to pay for a fancy template or code for weeks. The CRM functionality is in-built, meaning I can manage my customers the way I want, how I want when I want, and I don't have to pay extra to do that. Although I did spend a little more for an integration that automates tasks taking my daily organisation and workflow to an entirely new level.

I went on to complete some courses in User Experience, SEO and Design Experience, which have helped immensely in everything I've created that is for someone else to use. And complimented my obsession for customer feedback! More on User Experience and why you should care about it an upcoming blog (stay tuned). In hindsight, as a small business where money really matters and time is of the essence, I am absolutely stoked that I made the change and haven't looked back. This is why I now help others to set their own up beautiful, functional websites up as well. Too often, I have seen people with limited tech knowledge get taken for a ride. Paying a packet for a website and then find it's difficult to use themselves. Which suits the tech company who built it... return business... monthly maintenance fees. Need I say more?! Website design's start from $600 plus GST for a basic site and include 4 hours of support and training after hand-over, which we can do entirely online.

e using screen-share. After delivery, if you need my help for further enhancements or changes to your site I'm available and a reasonable hourly rate. I can also help you to set up a Shopify if that is the better solution for you.

Contact me to find out more or chat about what might suit your business, club or association best.





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