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Updated: May 18

In January 2020, the non-for-profit club, Stirling's Crossing Endurance Club Inc. approached me with an idea. They had a small club magazine, used to connect and communicate with club members, ride participants, officials, supporters and volunteers, which they wanted to take to a whole new and exciting level. SCEC realised an opportunity to promote and celebrate Endurance Horse Riding on a much bigger scale. Believing that the promotion of the sport nationally and internationally could help even the smallest of clubs to grow and succeed.

As a small Queensland club mag, they only had one regular advertiser and less than 300 subscribers so this was quite the challenge to take on. Not only was I taking on the task of redesigning the entire magazine with a revised focus, but also to write stories, source advertisers and generate more subscriptions. To top it off I had a one month deadline to get the print-ready file to Printcraft in order to make the first publication release date!

However I was motivated by the challenge and honoured to be asked. What a pleasure it is to be a part of the Stirling’s Crossing Endurance Riders Club team who contribute to making this publication possible. Not only do they work tirelessly throughout the year, hosting multiple events, they also continually strive for ways to support the sport of Endurance Australia wide.

Stirling’s Endurance Life magazine is FREE for anyone to subscribe to receive in the mail, supported by commercial advertisers. The high-quality magazine offers new and regular sponsors of Australian Endurance brand exposure to a larger and targeted audience.

The magazine is now a proud representation of the sport, including news, information, education and the stories of Endurance enthusiasts Australia wide who share their stories of adventure, challenge, triumph, thrills and spills. Their stories connect with like-minded horse lovers, new and old to the sport offering insights, encouragement, inspiration and help.

One of the most unique aspects of Endurance Horse Riding is the many ways in which anyone can be involved. You may own one horse, ten horses or you may not own any at all. You may never leave your home State. Maybe you fly somewhere different each weekend, or perhaps you’re always on the road with your horses on route to another event?

There are many ways to be successful at Endurance. There is no one “correct” way, and in fact, even for the most seasoned, it can be a never-ending trial and error process. I think “success” is uniquely different for us all, and it is what you hope to get out of it to begin with. Success for me is going home with a smile, thinking “When’s the next one?!”

There are literally thousands of stories and perspectives of Endurance Horse Riding happening every moment. I genuinely believe that a National Magazine has the opportunity to build our fantastic sport through sharing these stories with one another.

We’ve jam-packed a variety of content into this Volume 6 edition and been supported in our endeavours by some fabulous businesses. Thanks to them this magazine will remain free for anyone to subscribe to and anticipate the next copy in their mailbox three times a year.

To give you even more bang for your free “buck” (excuse the pun) we’ve added a 3 page tear-out that we think you will love! Use one side or both. Volume 7 will be out in July so you can pop up the new calendar and take down the old to cook up a storm or pack like a super organised pro!

Volume 6 received an enormous amount of positive feedback, increasing subscriptions by 160% and advertising revenue by 833%. The goal is to increase advertising revenue enough that it covers the cost of producing, printing and distributing the high quality publication so that the magazine can remain free for national subscribers and available at a small postage fee for international readers.

That mean's delivering value and engaging content that inspires, encourages, supports and informs all things Endurance Horse Riding. Challenge accepted!

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